Palcut sheet dispenser

Palcut 800

Palcut 800 quickly and accurately cuts paper into interlayer sheets in a desired length, directly from the reel.

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Palcut sheet dispenser

Palcut 1200

Palcut 1200 has a wider reel which makes it more flexible in terms of cutting different sheet formats.

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Palcut Base Dispenser

Palcut Base Dispenser automatically applies base sheets to your pallets as they pass the line on their way to palleting.

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You increase efficiency and reduce downtime

You reduce the number of production stoppages by up to 90%

You improve your bottom line and save money from day one

You avoid that your robot picks up more than one sheet at a time

You optimize your robot’s working speed, as the pick-up height is fixed

You reduce your paper consumption and CO2 emissions

You eliminate time-consuming changeovers

You reduce your storage space by up to 90% as there are up to 5,000 sheets per paper reel

It’s all about bringing value to our customers

Let’s help you find the right sheet dispenser solution as well. Tell us about your needs.

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