Palcut 1200 sheet dispenser

It prevents pick-up of more than one interlayer sheet at a time

You reduce the number of production stoppages by up to 90%

It reduces your storage space by up to 90% as there are up to 5,000 sheets per reel

You optimize the robot’s working speed, since the pick-up height is fixed

You get easy integration with your existing system

You have automatic switching between 15 pre-programmed sheet sizes

It’s easy to install – it only requires a 240V power supply

You get first-class machine safety and user-friendly operation

It’s more flexible than Palcut 800 in terms of cutting different sheet formats

Let’s help you find the right solution for your palletizing.

Get the specifications for Palcut 1200

In our data sheet you can find more information about the specifications and measures of our Palcut 1200 sheet dispenser.

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