1.0 General
2.0 Quotations, acceptance, and order confirmation
3.0 Price
4.0 Payment
5.0 Delivery
6.0 Delay
7.0 Liability for defects
8.0 Safety equipment
9.0 Manufacturer and supplier warranty
10.0 Intellectual property rights
11.0 Applicable law and venue
12.0 Additional purchases of services
13.0 Quotations, acceptance and order confirmation
14.0 Price
15.0 Delivery
16.0 Buyer's obligation to investigate and complain
17.0 Payment
18.0 Delay
19.0 Return products
20.0 Product liability
21.0 Manufacturer and supplier warranty
22.0 Limitation of liability
23.0 Intellectual property rights
24.0 Force majeure
25.0 Applicable law and venue

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